New Android App

I am ready to announce my first Android App for HS Navigator!

After years worth of instruction and practice within the Mobile App Development course during my junior year, and practice with Android apps as well at home, I am proud to finally bring my HS Navigator ( app mobile with the initial Android release. It has been quite a process working through minor bugs, and waiting for releases to pass, but it feels great to finally take an app live. However, this app is nowhere near final, and just as the website continues to update, this app will too, bringing all the features conveniently onto a mobile platform near you!

Play Store Page

As a side note, while I do have experience within the Android coding environment, I still have a lot to learn on the IOS side, especially without a dedicated Apple environment to test and work on. If there are any students who would like to help me create an IOS app for HS Navigator, I would be glad to work with you, and please reach out to me at!

Finally, if you could all download and share the app, as well as provide feedback in the form of reviews, I would greatly appreciate any insight or sharing! Thank you all for your help so far, and I will continue to keep you updated as my progress continues!

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