New City/State Data Added

Hello, everyone! Continuing on my progress with HSNavigator, I am happy to announce a new quality of life update to the website, which was highly requested! The feature I have added was given a sneak peek yesterday, and is the addition of City and State data to the entries in the list! Below I have attached a screenshot showing off the new feature:

The City and State are highlighted in red

Previously, when users would search for programs filtered for specific states, if they chose multiple there was no way to determine which state the program was from. Instead of having to click on the URL to find where the program is, now the state data is clearly visible for all entries. Additionally, within states, some people cannot make large commutes or wish to find local opportunities, so including the state provides that extra level of personalization as well! Even small quality of life updates such as this make the tool that much better for everyone, so any insight is always appreciated! As always thank you all for your feedback, and I plan to continue to update with some new features and big changes but always feel free to contact me with suggestions!

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