Mehar S. Johal
CEO and Founder

Mehar is a Senior at South Brunswick High School, Monmouth Junction, New Jersey who is passionate about computer science and its applications! He is the lead Python/HTML/Java Developer and his passion for helping others pushed him to create HS Navigator platform during his sophomore year. Mehar is AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialist, AWS Certified Architect Associate and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundation Associate. He is member of several school teams and clubs including Science Olympiad, New Jersey Science League and more and won several awards in the competition. He enjoys spending time learning about topics like Astronomy and Cryptography. Out of School, he loves playing Percussion, Reading books, Cooking, volunteering and Tutoring. Recently worked as Teaching Assistant/Intern for Columbia University AI4ALL program, helping students with the basics of AI and Python. He has also attended Princeton University AI4ALL program camp and Air Force Association Cyber Security camp and continue to apply his learning to pursue HS Navigator website even further. Check his profile at Mehar Profile.

Dhruv Rai
Chief Operating Officer

Dhruv is Junior at Johns P. Steven High School, Edison, New Jersey. He has worked with various programming languages and technologies including HTML/CSS, Java, Python, PHP and SQL. Highly Analytical, motivated, and skilled at solving programming problems, he has been overseeing the implementation of this project and is the key in designing and deciding the technologies to use. He has a great interest in computer games. Currently, he is developing a computer game of his own. When not on the computer, he loves to play the guitar. He has been into the development of small scale model airplanes and is a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics. He is also passionate about fishes and maintains two aquariums of his own,

Jaideep Boparai
Chief Business Officer

Jaideep is a Senior at North Brunswick High School, North Brunswick, New Jersey and is passionate about business, especially Finance and Marketing. He serves as the Vice President of the Mediterrasian Club, North Brunswick’s Asian-Americamn cultural club, and is also heavily involved in his school’s DECA chapter. He has competed in the Financial Services Team event in DECA and has been placed 1st at the Regional competition. He hopes to apply his business knowledge and experience to HS Navigator. As Business Director, he oversees a wide range of functions to help drive the growth of HS Navigator, building and leading critical functions including Finance and strategy and leading external and commercial partnerships.

Alveera Munshi
Technology Officer/Developer

Alveera Munshi is a Sophomore at South Brunswick High School, Monmouth Junction, New Jersey. She is very passionate about computer science and helps develop CS and other curricula at The Amal foundation and Code 4 Tomorrow and does graphic design for Allgirlithm, Health.Right.Now., and Mind Spark. Alveera is the Board Secretary of her school’s startup club, XSTEM, and volunteer as an Assistant Teacher at her local mosque. She has been learning Java and Python and hopes to learn Swift, HTML/CSS, and SQL. She is also working to help with the IOS development of the HS Navigator app while honing new Skills.

Rishi Kumar
Technology Officer/Developer

Rishi is a freshman at Downingtown West High School, Pennsylvania. He is always looking for ways to optimize his fascination in the fields of Robotics and Computer science. He enjoys solving everyday problems through technology such as his recent project in the Python language. Rishi is heavily involved in Robotics and Mathematics competitions including being a National qualifier in VEX Robotics. He is a certified Python, HTML and Javascript programmer and has knowledge of CSS and SQL languages. Rishi also loved to be in the outdoors and, as an avid Hiker and Trekker, he aims to climb all seven summits of the World. Killimanjaro is already crossed off the list! He has also been to Everest Base Camp, Patagonia and several national parks across the United States. Rishi hops his passions both as an Analyst, Creator as well as outdoors man continue to propel HS Navigator towards greater success.