Upcoming Presentation and Seminar

Through working on this website, I have been able to interact with not only my peers but also several other figures within the community. Whether those people are counselors, teachers, or parents, their feedback has served to drive this website to where it is today. Recently, I have been in contact with Councilwoman Denise Wilkerson, and we have been discussing how to outreach this website to communities and those who could benefit from access to the vast amount of opportunities available.

After talks with Councilwoman Wilkerson, I was invited to her district to hold a presentation/seminar live about my website and how it can benefit students through pre-college opportunities and planning. The seminar will be open to parents and students, and I hope to present my website and bring the tool to students in other districts who could also greatly benefit from it. The presentation is scheduled for February 25, 7 pm at Warinanco Sports Center ( in Roselle Park, NJ. I hope that you can all make it to the presentation, and I will be sure to hold more of these sessions in the future as well!

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