New Sports Opportunities

Hello, everyone! Continuing on my progress with HSNavigator, I am happy to announce a new topic that I have added to the website, which was highly requested! The feature I have added is another new type of opportunity, which are opportunities for sports and sports medicine. Below I have attached some sample screenshots showing off the new features:

Both new Sports Topic Filters
Example Sports Opportunity with State and City

With a lot of sports seasons being cut unfortunately early due to the outbreak, looking forward to the future these opportunities can provide athletes with the ability to practice and experience their sports and learn about the field of athletics outside of the regular season. Additionally, as more and more counsellors respond with their amazing feedback, it’s great to hear about the quality of life improvements as well, such as the State and City data. Every change allows for this tool to be used effectively to a greater population of students and counsellors, and the more information I can provide, the better this tool works for everyone! As always thank you all for your feedback, and I plan to continue to update with some new features and big changes but always feel free to contact me with suggestions!

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