New Milestone and Site Updates

Hello everyone! I just wanted to post another update on new additions to the database. Below I have attached a new insight into programs being added into the database, broken down by the university or corporation that provided them! So far, the new programs come out to around 220 total, spaced out across the US and across numerous institutions as well! This signals a new milestone, over 4000 opportunities, a big step on the way to 5000!

Programs By University

I also wanted to give an update on new features that are coming to release hopefully by the end of this week! One of those features will be ways to export certain opportunities for yourself to send to students! On top of that, a new team is being formed for HS Navigator, and a new login feature is on its way as well! Thank you all for your help so far, and I will continue to keep you updated as my progress continues!

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