New Login Feature and Updates!

Hey, everyone! Sadly for me, my summer vacation is now over, but with these final days, I got to add one of the biggest enhancements to the website that I have had planned all summer!

Earlier my website allowed users to create favorite lists of opportunities while you are searching on the website, however, I got two requests from different school counselors to build the same kind of website for their school where they can add their own additional opportunities. These could be opportunities specific to their schools, or to the area around them as well. With over 4000 opportunities now on the site, it sometimes gets hard for counselors to keep local lists for their students, so that was one of the reasons I added the new feature.

So to overcome all these challenges with no cost to any school counselor, I added some new features as shown below, or at this youtube link (
1. Users can create accounts on the website which is only required if you want to create your list saved for future usage 
2. They can select programs already on our site, similar to the favorite feature, and create a list of up to 100 opportunities
3. Users can generate excel spreadsheets anytime for your selected list with one click on the website
4. Finally, users can add any missing program on the website in an easy format. As soon as you add the program, it will send an email to our team who will validate the details and approve to make it available on the website. Items that are not approved can still be seen on your individual list, free to be edited or deleted

I hope this will reduce a lot of the burden from various school counselors who are building their own spreadsheets or sharing individual program links to their students. Also, students can track their lists throughout the year and plan their summers accordingly.
If you can share these details, that would be much appreciated! It is for the betterment of everyone, so they can all take advantage of the work done to make it easy for them to share, plan, and organize their summer options

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