HS Navigator Search are up-to-date

As I mentioned in my last post, so far, the dates for over 4000 opportunities on HS Navigator have been updated 2 weeks back and are regularly checked to update incoming summer date as been published/available on the corresponding website. However, the pandemic situation changes each day. Below, I created a graph that displays the distributions of these programs, where those in blue (almost 50%) have not yet decided, and the orange, are those who are ready to take applications and have dates scheduled.

I also have a lot more planned for HS Navigator in the coming months! First, I am working on a consulting survey for students who are still looking for summer opportunities to find ones they could be interested in. Additionally, with the uncertain state of summer opportunities, I want to try providing an internship opportunity of my own, working on HS Navigator. Last year I created a login feature for counselors, and I have more planned for this year. Students who want to help me with this website will be a part of our leadership team and work us to implement ideas of their own!

If you want to know more about these new opportunities, be sure to subscribe to the HS Navigator blog, and I will post regular updates and information there for you all to look at!

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