Military and Defense Programs

Hello everyone! I am back today writing another blog post, this time about a new type of opportunity added to the database, which are opportunities relating to the military and US defence programs!

I got this recommendation from counselors that I talked to from across the country, and I believe it is important to have opportunities for the families of those who have served our country and who are interested in serving our country in the future. Not only that, but these programs also provide insight into work for the government and other potential careers that people may be interested in as well. Below I have attached a screenshot of a sample opportunity and its location on the tool:

Military Topic and Sample

The more opportunities I am able to add to this list, the better this tool can accommodate and help all students and counsellors from various backgrounds as well! As always thank you all for your feedback, and I plan to continue to update with some new features and big changes but always feel free to contact me with suggestions! Also, if you are new to my website, please subscribe to this blog, help on how to do that here, so that you can stay up to date on all the changes that I make!

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