Words Have Power, Learn to Wield Them : High School Journalism & Writing Programs

Are you passionate about storytelling, journalism, and writing? Dive into an enriching summer experience with our exclusive Journalism and Writing Summer program Listing tailored for high school students and applications are still open.

🗞️ Explore the world of journalism through hands-on reporting, editorial writing, and multimedia storytelling.
📝 Develop your writing skills and craft compelling narratives across various genres, from news articles to creative nonfiction.
🎥 Engage with industry professionals and learn about the latest trends and techniques in digital media and content creation.
✍️ Gain valuable insights and feedback to refine your writing style and prepare for future endeavors in journalism, communications, and literature.

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Enhance your writing skills, explore different journalistic styles, and gain valuable experience with our Summer High School Journalism/Writing Program listings to Launch Your Career Dream This Summer.