Unleash Your Artistic Potential: Summer Drawing & Painting Programs for High Schoolers

Are you a high school student with a passion for drawing and painting? Fuel your creativity and elevate your skills with enriching summer programs!

From mastering drawing techniques to exploring various painting mediums, participants will embark on a transformative journey that ignites their artistic potential and nurtures their creativity.

  • Master Techniques: Explore various mediums like watercolors, acrylics, oils, charcoal, and more!
  • Develop Your Eye: Build expertise in composition, perspective, color theory, and observation.
  • Find Your Voice: Discover your unique artistic style through exploration and experimentation.
  • Mentorship from Artists: Learn from experienced painters and instructors.

Let’s make this summer a canvas for creativity and self-expression! Download Summer High School Painting/Drawing Program Listing here.

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