Summer 2022 Young Scholar Program – Registration Open!

After successfully hosting our first Summer Young Scholar program in 2021, we are going for another FREE 2022 Summer Young Scholar Program. The deadline to register is June 1, 2022. The program will take place from July 10 through August 7, 2022. Last year we only covered Computer Science topics but this year, we want to cover a wide range of topics from CS to medicine, and even career and college advice as well! Below are some of additional information regarding our 2022 program:

  • Computer science, medicine, business, law, music, and other fields will be covered to assist students in planning their college preparation.
  • We also intend to welcome students from a number of colleges to speak regarding their experience on campus, their majors, and more.
  • Last year we invited multiple industry recognized mentors and more will be added this year.
  • All recordings for our last program, Summer 2021 Young Scholar Program are available on our website.
  • All sessions will be held online and only on weekends and so anyone registered in other opportunities can also attend!
  • All students will receive a digital certificate of completion!

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