New Leadership Team

Hello everyone!

I wanted to finally announce the HS Navigator leadership team that I have been developing for the past weeks in order to manage my website and functionality for the coming years. The team is made up of one or more members for each year of high school so that each year new members can join the team and there is always someone available to teach them how it works! Despite the fact that I am going into my undergraduate years last year, I still plan on continuing with the website. In fact, I look forward to adding undergraduate and college opportunities to the website as well, in order to expand the selection.

Team Members with their Roles!

A lot of counselors and people reached out with feedback asking how I planned on doing the maintenance and upkeep of the website, and this team is my solution to that problem. With every year, the student in the senior year will be responsible for keeping the team going, and leading/coordinating the website enhancement. I look forward to working with them, so please give them the same support you give me! Their information and biographies about them and where they come from can be found here at the leadership page (! Thank you all for your help so far, and I will continue to keep you updated as my progress continues!

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