New Duration Updates

Hello everyone, I am back writing another blog post showcasing another update that I made to the website, this one again being a quality of life improvement that I feel is a major step up. When choosing duration before, the only options available were searching by static lengths such as one week or two weeks, and it was inconvenient for any thorough filtration that needed to be done. As shown below, the categories were also widespread and did not provide as intuitive of a breakdown as I had hoped.

Previous Duration

The change that I made was introducing a slider based functionality for the duration, which I felt was a lot more intuitive for selecting ranges and individual durations instead of a dropdown menu.

New Duration Slider

Instead of limiting yourself to programs that are 1 week or 2 weeks long, you can choose programs that fit within a range of durations, allowing for you to search for programs with a lot more ease than before. As always thank you all for your feedback, and I plan to continue to update with some new features and big changes but always feel free to contact me with suggestions! Also, if you are new to my website, please subscribe to this blog, help on how to do that here, so that you can stay up to date on all the changes that I make!

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