HS Navigator – YSP, success

Hi Everyone, as a founder of the HS Navigator, I want to share that I started my undergrad education at Georgia Tech! Also, last week was my final week as an intern at Bloomberg Engineering, and it was an amazing opportunity to learn about Bloomberg and professional software engineering as a whole. During the 7 weeks, I got to work on a new project, creating technology that would genuinely impact Bloomberg engineers and improve their workflow! From ideation and researching modules to coding, I got to work on each step of the development process and experience life as a software engineer. Learning and experiencing the failures and the successes throughout the process was really an invaluable opportunity, and will surely apply to other jobs I pursue in the future.

I also had a great time working along with my HS Navigator team throughout the summer on our Summer Young Scholar Program. This is only our first year of hosting this program, and we look forward to many more in the future! This year we focused on Computer Science related Topics and working on expanding to many more subjects in future program

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