Find Your Voice, Master Your Instrument: High School Summer Music Adventures

Attention high school students passionate about music! ūüéĶ Are you ready to immerse yourself in a summer of musical exploration and growth? We’re thrilled to share exciting opportunities in Jazz, Voice, Choir, Orchestra, and Strings programs.

  • Skill Development:¬†Enhance your technique in jazz, voice, choir, orchestra, or strings.
  • Expert Mentorship:¬†Receive guidance and instruction from experienced musicians and educators.
  • Collaborative Learning:¬†Work with talented peers on musical projects and performances.
  • Immersive & Inspiring:¬†Engage in a creatively stimulating environment designed for musical growth.
  • Performance Opportunities:¬†Showcase your talent in concerts or recitals.
  • Lifelong Memories:¬†Build friendships and create lasting experiences in the world of music.

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