Are you still seeking summer opportunity in 2022? Check our 2nd edition of the HS Navigator newsletter.

Check out our ongoing endeavor to assist students in identifying opportunities where registration is still open. There are many more programs available in our database ( that are not included in this list. As a result of several emails received from students and counselors, we are posting the newsletter in two formats this month.ย 

Option 1: Program Sorted by Type (Internships/Summer Programs) along with Application Due Due Date

Option 2: Program Sorted by Type (Internships/Summer Programs), Topics (Like AI/Business/Comp Science) along with Application Due Due Date

Newsletters will provide you withย all the details you need about the opportunity, from the type of program or scholarship it is to the logistics of due dates, grade requirements, and more! The newsletter will be sent to all of our blog readers at the end of each month! If you are a blog subscriber, the newsletter will be instantly delivered to your mailbox; otherwise, you can view the newsletter on our Blog page! (

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